Waste reduction

trash at the landfillFor the health of the earth, we believe it is important to go beyond managing waste. We want to encourage you to take action to reduce waste–both the waste being sent to a landfill and in your life overall.

Our waste reduction work is about helping you live more sustainably by better managing the waste you generate and inspiring you to take action reducing the waste in your life.

Waste reduction is about more than avoiding problems. It is to also help you learn how to use our natural resources more responsibly.

Reep Green Solutions is undertaking several waste reduction initiatives.

Reduce Your Waste Home Visits

ice cream tub reused for compost collectionWe are helping people having challenges with the new waste collection schedule and rules in Waterloo Region. Our Waste Reduction Coordinator helps people to problem solve how they can change their habits and choices to fit the new maximum of 4 bags or containers (up to 50 lbs each) every other week.

See our list of resources to help you reduce your waste.

We’re partnered in this initiative with the Region of Waterloo’s Waste Management department. All participants are referred to us by regional staff so contact them if you think this service can help you.

Zero Waste Challenge Waterloo Region

zero waste mason jarIn October, we ask your home to see collect its waste going to the landfill in a mason jar. We challenge you to see how close to zero you can get without exceeding the mason jar’s capacity. Learn more!

In 2017, there will be both a 7 day and 30 day challenge!

Check out our Zero Waste 101 posts for advice on adopting a zero waste lifestyle or get ideas on how to reduce your waste.


Investigating multi-residential compostinggarbage bin for an apartment building

We are investigating how we could assist people living in apartments, condos and townhouses to compost their organics. Let us know if you’re interested | [email protected]


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