For Homes

Energuide for Homes Evaluations
In-depth evaluation of building envelope, ventilation and heating/cooling systems.

Home Assistance Program
Helping eligible homeowners and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes free of charge.

Home Energy COACH
REEP’s Home Energy Coach can help you determine a game plan for your home and guide you through the steps of making it more energy efficient.

RAIN Home Visit
A RAIN Home Visit is a great opportunity for Waterloo Region residents to get one-on-one advice from a certified RAIN guide about water issues on their property.

Well Aware
Well and septic checkups and workshops help rural residents protect our water.

For Business

RAIN Business Visit
Our certified RAIN Business Visit guides conduct consultations with commercial, institutional and multi-residential property owners.

RAIN Educational Workshops
Workshops designed for organizations on how to adopt stormwater management best practices.

Workplace Lunch ‘n Learns
The Workplace Lunch ‘n Learn program is an initiative to spur home energy retrofits by reaching out to homeowners through their workplace.

Community Action

Together developing a community climate action plan in Waterloo Region.

An ecological approach to stormwater management.

REEP House for Sustainable Living
Our super-insulated, water-wise, century brick education centre at 20 Mill Street, Kitchener. Tours, workshops and facility rentals available.

Student Programs
A REEP House tour is right for you if you teach high school, university, or college students in engineering, environment, sustainability, geography, science, trades, Specialist High Skills Major programs and many more.Tours, workshops and facility rentals available.

Past Achievements

The Great Draftproofing Crackdown
The story of homeowners that hosted work parties and draftproofed their home in the process.

Greening Sacred Spaces
Connecting faith groups to inspire environmental stewardship.

Kitchener Home Energy Grants
Transforming Kitchener’s aging housing stock by encouraging the insulation and air sealing of homes built before 1970.

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