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show a storm drain some loveAdopt a storm drain

We are encouraging people in Waterloo Region to work together to prevent flooding from clogged storm drains. By adopting a storm drain and committing to keep it clear of snow and ice, leaves and other debris, you are helping to protect your home and those of your neighbours.

What does it mean to adopt a storm drain?

Adopting a storm drain means you are making a commitment to keep your storm drain clear of leaves, snow and other debris that prevents water from reaching it. Pick a storm drain near where you live, work or go to school.

Why adopt a storm drain?

snow around storm drain

Adopting a storm drain is important as it allows rain water and melting snow to enter the storm sewer system.

When water can not get into the sewers, it can cause flooding that can make it difficult to use the road and may affect nearby homes. Even a little bit of water can cause problems as it makes leaves very slippery or freezes into ice. Both cause accidents that make our streets unsafe for people to use.

A clear storm drain is also important in preventing pollution from entering the storm water system that makes its way to local rivers and lakes. There could be salt in the debris laying in the gutter near the storm drain. Leaves, grass and other plants may have been chemicals on them from gardening or lawn care or picked some up, so you also want to prevent them from getting into the storm drain. And we want to prevent garbage especially plastic from getting into our water system and affecting life in our lakes and rivers such as fish, animals and insects.

Who can adopt a storm drain?

Anyone who cares about keeping our streets dry and safe and preventing pollution from reaching our water system. So that includes homeowners, renters, schools, businesses and more!

Show a storm drain some love! Adopt one today!

Use our interactive map to adopt a storm drain today!

Be safe!

Do not attempt to clear storm drains on busy streets. Watch out for others who are using the road and hazards such as slippery wet leaves or ice. Only clear away leaves, ice, snow and debris when it is safe to do so. Stand on the curb and use a rake or shovel to remove debris from the storm drain. Avoid entering the street whenever possible. Always check for traffic and use extreme caution to ensure that you are visible to vehicles and aware of your surroundings. Never attempt to remove the grate.

Adopt a storm drain map

What do you need?

You may already have the basic outdoor tools needed such as rakes, brooms, shovels, gloves and a dustpan.

What do you do with the leaves, snow and other debris?

Leaves and other organic materials can be put out with your yard waste. Litter including plastic may be recyclable. Grit and other debris are garbage.

Snow can go on the boulevard. If that’s not possible, avoid putting it where it will be plowed back onto the storm drain or block the water making its way down towards it.

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