The Great Draftproofing Crackdown


“Air-leakage control is the single most important retrofit activity, and it should be considered first in any retrofit strategy”
– Keeping the Heat In, Natural Resources Canada

Draftproofing Work Parties

Between January and March of 2013, REEP Green Solutions held draft-proofing work-parties in four Waterloo Region homes.

Work-party hosts invited friends and neighbours to assist, observe and learn as the host’s home was draftproofed by an experienced REEP installer with the help of a blower door.

Motivating Action and Improving Home Comfort

The goal of the work-parties was to demystify draftproofing and motivate the guests to draftproof their own homes, resulting in additional CO2 savings and increased home comfort.

The work-parties built community and dialogue around energy conservation, and showed that draftproofing was both achievable and worthwhile.

Participating homeowners provided feedback on barriers to draftproofing and some strategies to help address them. This feedback will help REEP to tailor future programs and services to address the needs of our community and support residents in taking positive environmental action.

“[The draftproofing work party] changed my whole thinking about where efforts need to be put. I see that insulation is not the be-all and end-all.”
– Work Party Participant

The work-parties resulted in a 20% reduction in drafts on average at the four homes, and a total of 940 kg of CO2 emissions saved per year.

Additional draftproofing completed by work-party guests during the project resulted in another 600 kg of CO2 emissions saved annually.

Learn How You Too Can Be a Draft Dodger! Visit the REEP House for Sustainable Living.

The REEP House for Sustainable Living, REEP’s eco home at 20 Mill Street, Kitchener, will continue to provide an avenue for support, demonstration and ultimately further energy savings, through expert workshops, REEP House tours, and other opportunities to consult with Certified Energy Advisors and knowledgeable REEP staff.

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