Reep Kitchener home energy grants

Thanks to funding from the City of Kitchener’s Local Environmental Action Fund (LEAF), REEP Kitchener Home Energy Grants spurred owners of pre- 1970 Kitchener houses to insulate and draftproof their homes. The result: an annual carbon emission reduction of 545 tonnes and an estimated $1,818,000 invested in our local economy!

REEP Kitchener home energy grants results (July 2011 to March 2012)
304 residents received REEP Kitchener home energy grants
545 tonnes of carbon reduced, to continue annually
$1,400 average grant received per participant
$1,818,000 estimated local economic impact through purchase of labour and materials for home retrofits

This unique local incentive specifically targeted older homes with the most potential for energy efficiency improvement. It led to increased uptake of the ecoENERGY program, with an unexpected higher representation of smaller homes participating. Their extra actions to reduce air leaks and insulate the main walls led to a 15% reduction in heat loss, compared to 12% in other urban areas.

Thanks to participating homeowners


We would like to thank Kitchener homewoners for your enthusiastic participation in this program. Congratulations on making your homes more energy efficient, affordable and comfortable!

About the program

Funding for the incentive program in the amount of $500,000 was approved by the city council as part of a Local Environmental Action Fund application made by REEP.

These funds made $440,037 available as incentives and grant verifications for Kitchener homeowners effective July 8, 2011. By March 19, 2012, REEP Kitchener Home Energy Grants were finished and fully awarded to customers.

The addictional $59,963 supported free energy advice and homeowner learning through public workshops, open houses, and tours at the REEP House for Sustainable Living, as well as administrative costs of the grant program.

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