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  1. Is Renewable Energy for You? Installations, Investments and Retrofits for Anyone

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Workplace Lunch ‘n LearnsNote taking at a Workplace Lunch 'n Learn.

The Reep Workplace Lunch ‘n Learn program is an initiative to spur home energy retrofits by reaching out to homeowners through their workplace. Reep provides interactive Lunch ‘n Learn sessions to  employees to teach them ways to conserve energy, save on utility bills, and make their homes more comfortable, while taking positive action on climate change.

Why the Workplace Lunch ‘n Learn is Good for Business

This program is a strategic investment by businesses to create shared value. It will:

  • Differentiate your corporate social responsibility strategy to enhance corporate image and reputation: Many businesses are starting to green their operations, but far fewer are helping their employees to significantly reduce their carbon footprint at home. Businesses that participate in Workplace Lunch ‘n Learns demonstrate progressive, forward-thinking environmental leadership that they can publicize and have echoed by Reep, a third party non-profit.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention: Provide an on-going benefit to your employees with a one-time investment. Employees will reap the social, financial and environmental benefits of home energy efficiency year after year.
  • Reinforce and accelerate corporate greening efforts: Employees who live sustainably at home are likely to bring that mindset into work to support and take ownership in corporate greening efforts.
Increase Operational Greening; Employee Engagement; Brand Image; Bottom Line

What Will this Cost My Business?

The Reep Workplace Lunch ‘n Learns is a flexible program that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. The cost will depend on the ultimate program design, how much of an incentive the business provides, and the number of employees taking part. Program costs would include the cost to deliver the Lunch ‘n Learn, along with incentives provided to employees. We would be happy to provide a detailed quote after discussing your business’s needs. Please contact Dave Blake, 519-744-6583 x 233 to find out more.

Workplace Lunch ‘n Learns Development funding provided by:

Ontario Trillium Foundation - Fondation Trillium de l'Ontario

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