Ordering a rain barrel is the first step for many making their yard a healthy yard. It can seem intimidating, but installing a rain barrel is a simple task for the home DIYer. Healthy Yards Advisor Rebecca Robinson made the above video to help people learn how to install their own rain barrels. We have provided a transcript below.

1. Remove the existing downspout

A man is removing a downspout

2. Build a flat, stable surface for your rain barrel. A stand makes it easier to fill a watering can from the bottom of your rain barrel.

A wood box stands underneath a downspout

3. Place the rain barrel on the stand and measure the downspout.

4. Cut the downspout using a hacksaw. Cut far enough up to leave room for a spout to go into the barrel.

A man uses a hacksaw to cut a downspout

5. Attach the existing elbow to your downspout.

A man fits an elbow onto a downspout

6. Cut a length of downspout to go from the elbow into the rain barrel.

A man measures the distance between a rain barrel and downspout

7. Ensure the barrel is oriented with the overflow at the back and spigot at the front.

A rain barrel against a brick wall

8. Attach a hose or pipe to the overflow outlet so that rain flows away from your foundation and onto an absorbant surface (like a rain garden) when the rain barrel is full.

An overflow outlet goes onto rocks

9. Enjoy! Make sure to empty your rain barrel before it rains.