Our Team

MJPatterson 2018 headshot mary jane patterson

Mary Jane Patterson

Executive Director

Patrick Gilbride

Manager of Green Infrastructure Programs

Lisa Truong

Energy Programs Manager

Donnique Williams

Communications Manager

Brendan Schaefer

Facilities Manager/ Network Administrator

Sara Clark

Customer Service Lead

Samantha Tremmel

80 by 50 Project Coordinator

Rebecca Robinson

Landscape Designer, Green Infrastructure Programs

Sydney Hennessy

Community Engagement Coordinator

Dianne G. Ritz


Sarah Smouter

Office & HR Coordinator

Sue Arndt

ClimateActionWR Plan Manager

Board of Directors

Michael Wood

University of Waterloo

Elanor Waslander

Vice Chair
Water Network, University of Waterloo

Jan Jagiellowicz

Board Member

Melissa Durrell

Board Member
Durrell Communications

Priyanka Llyod

Green Economy Canada

Paul Parker

Co-founder and Past Chair
University of Waterloo

Mike Farwell

Board Member
The Mike Farwell Show

Ambika Opal

Board Member
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Tom Ewart

Board Member
The Co-operators Group

Nicole Drake

Board Member
City of Cambridge

Michelle Watson

Board Member
St. Jerome's University

Rain Expert Panel

Sanja Morris
Janet Ivey
Nick Gollan
Rob Bowers
Rob Tester

Todd Chapman
Brian Verspagen
Jayson Innes
Paola Mendez
Anna Ziolecki


Registered Energy Advisors:

Michael Gemmell
Brad Durant
Bruce Mitchell
Brendan Schaefer
David Wood

RAIN Home Visit Water Guide:

Brendan Schaefer

Water Advisors

Brad Durant
Brendan Schaefer

Reep Volunteers

Here are the passionate volunteers and consultants who generously give their time and commitment in support of our organization. They help us make positive environmental action happen in Waterloo Region every day!


Megan Gereghty
Amanda Smith
Sandra Biskupovic
Valerie Chong


Maggie Nyugen

Recruitment Lead

Christine Tsz Ching To

Website Designer

Aleena Singh

Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

Natascha Stutz

Landscape Designer

Reem Itani

Tree Stewardship Volunteer Lead

Joseph Tanel