Smart About Water Softeners | Your Guide to Saving Water, Salt and Money

Do you own a water softener or are you in the market for one?


Are you looking to save money or shrink your environmental footprint? Maybe you have an older water softener that could use some TLC? We’re here to help! This FREE virtual workshop will help you understand how softeners work, how they impact our environment, and how to soften efficiently to save water, salt and money.

You’ll learn about:

  • How softeners contribute to chloride pollution in Region of Waterloo waterways
  • Different types of water softeners available to homeowners who want maximum efficiency
  • The new $50 Water Softener Plumbing Rebate offered by the Region of Waterloo for homeowners who switch to soften only hot water

Our presenters will lead a discussion on reasons for softening, types of water softeners, salt-saving alternatives, and answer your questions.



Brendan Schafer | Reep Green Solutions, WET Auditor

Brendan Schaefer has been a Rain Guide at Reep Green Solutions for many years with our RAIN program. He has visited hundreds of homes and commercial properties, giving advice about best practices for water management features. Brendan is also the Facilities Manager at the Reep House for Sustainable Living, where he leads tours and workshops on topics ranging from energy efficiency to water conservation, storm water management, and sustainable living.

Steve Gombos | Region of Waterloo, Manager of Water Efficiency

Steve Gombos helps conserve the Region’s vital drinking water for the future, while also helping people reduce water consumption today. Steve has served on the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and as Chair of the Ontario Water Works Association Water Efficiency Committee. Steve has authored numerous articles for trade publications related to water efficiency, waste management and the environment. He frequently provides topical presentations to international, national and local audiences.

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Sep 23 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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