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One Action Can Be a Catalyst for Change | Samantha’s Donor Story

As supporters of sustainability, we all show our passion in different ways. However, we don’t often think about the significant impact that our daily actions and casual conversations can have. One of our Reepers Samantha (what we call our team at Reep Green Solutions) recently shared an experience that illustrates how these everyday actions and conversations can have a huge impact. 

In Samantha’s role, she interacts with participants and community members every day. They often come to our programs from many different walks of life but have one common desire: to get involved in taking climate action. It begs the question, how do we reach the participants who have never considered supporting sustainability 

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Samantha discovered the answer to this question entirely by accident, while she was having dinner with some longtime family friends. Over the years she shared her interest in sustainability and her work with Reep Green Solutions, “I was surprised to later discover that they made a donation to Reep Green Solutions,” she saidHer friends explained that Samantha’s influence had prompted them to research Reep’s mission. They were impressed with the practical actions Reep was supporting in the community 

“I was ecstatic! After all the years of talking to them about how I’m living sustainably, they finally decided to take that step and donate,” Samantha explained. She was encouraged that her small act of sharing her career journey was the catalyst for a big change.  

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How often are we like Samantha? We choose sustainability in our lives, whether it’s upgrading our home’s efficiencyplanting bee-friendly gardens or reducing our waste. All the while we’re unaware that the friends, family and coworkers in our social circles are just as willing to make similar changes if they only knew how simple those changes could be. We don’t realize how effective our influence is in the lives of those around us. Today, remembering that even a conversation can make an impact, Samantha is inspired to continusharing her life as an example of the impact of sustainability, “One action, one conversation could the catalyst in someone’s life, you never know until you try!”

By: Donnique Williams and Natascha Stutz

together we can achieve ten thousand meaningful actions together

This year, to support the movement of climate action in our community, we launched an ambitious goal: By 2030, people impacted by Reep Green Solutions have taken 10,000 meaningful actions to collectively shift our community to a resilient, low carbon future. 

Every donation is double the impact this year, thanks to a generous donor family. You heard us right – your donation is matched this giving season, up to $7,500! Any gift is double the impact to help communities increase flood resilience, plant trees, conserve water and reduce our household carbon footprints. 

We invite you to give for a beautiful, sustainable future for yourself, your loved ones and your community. We can have a tremendous impact on climate change, if we do it together.

Will you support #10KActionsTogether? Give today.

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